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January 23, 2006, 12:46 pm
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Back to square one! After bull-dozer tore through its canteen and toilet terrorizing students sitting in class, after all the protests and sweet political promises, SRJK(C) Sin Chung of Permatang Sintok, Penang, Malaysia, a Chinese- language- medium primary school which fully follows the Malaysian federal curriculum, is back to square one: It still has no ownership title to the new school land!The only difference after all the hubbub is that the school Board of Directors are now arm-twisted by government politicians to (raise fund from the public and) build the school without ownership title to the land! This is precisely what the Board had dreaded for the past three years, because without land title, the school can be forced to move again, or fall under undue influence of whoever owning the land, including the Ministry of Education which can turn it into a Wawasan school, against community wishes. The critical question remains: “Who will own the new land for Sin Chung?” 



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Malvu articles
18/1 Jan 20th may be LAST day of Sin Chung!
13/1 Motif Era developer sued for RM5mil debt!
12/1 Winners & Losers in moving Sin Chung by 100 ft
10/1 Who delayed the building of new school for Sin Chung?
08/1 MCA face mass defections in BM -one veteran leader cite Sin Chung school’s demolition as reason!
07/1 Stop work order for Permatang Sintok developer -start of Executive correction?
06/1 Koh tresspassed on land his government approved for developer!
06/1 Sin Chung’s demolition : ruling parties play both sides -what a show!
05/1 The demolition job : school, PM and BN’s ‘powers’ too….
05/1 Don’t cry for me Penang, get rid of the ROOT cause of school demolition!
05/1 Dr Koh & Badawi on holidays when SRJK Sin Chung was almost demolished today!

MalaysiaKini articles (Subscription based) 2006
9/1 Don’t divert attention, Penang govt told
5/1 School demolition: Court order suspended
4/1 School vs developer – decision tomorrow
3/1 Judge on leave, hearing postponed
31/12 Classes as usual at ‘to be demolished’ school
27/12 Developer’s action against politicians fizzles out

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Merdeka Review articles     

 马华民政角力 拖累新中华小建校进展
 马华及民政色彩承包商 不应竞标新中工程
 新中校方败诉 发展商马上拆校
  本刊:党团文告” href=”″ mce_href=”″ target=”mr”>章瑛:教长岂能对新中事件置身其外?
 新中要求高庭复核 拆校庭令是否有效
 新中拆校风波 政府难辞其咎
 反对拆校 华社把温情送新中


MalaysiaKini Chinese edition (Subscription based)
16/1 勿轻信政治人物与发展商 杨云贵:新中事件前车之鉴
16/1 政党色彩浓承包商不应竞标 免新中建校受政党操纵疑虑
14/1 望新中建新校过程不受干扰 雪华堂吁许子根发挥影响力
12/1 新中律师:校方没采取“拖”字决
6/1 新中华小面对拆校窘境 董教总:槟州政府难辞其咎
5/1 新中华小绝不允许先拆后建 公正党:槟州政府软弱无能
5/1 15年领导槟州最大败笔 自救会:首席部长保校不力
5/1 新中事件未曾获认真看待 杨云贵冀尽速迁校
5/1 新中学生明日回原校上课
5/1 高庭下令暂缓拆校 新中华小保住课室
4/1 新中华小拆校案明下判 双方庭外和解谈判破裂
3/1 新中华小开庭:民政马华议员全动员作秀?
3/1 发展商:华社应向槟州政府追究责任
3/1 新中华小拆校风波延至明日开审
27/12 公正党为新中华小筹款 下月办“安华与公正”千人宴
27/12 反对拆校,华社温情送新中 槟威华校董联会敬告同胞书
23/12 新中华小拆校风波 雪华青促槟州政府明确保校
23/12 发展商藐视州政府权力 杜乾焕:市政局考虑报警起诉
22/12 威省市议会今午拆除锌板 发展商3小时后再围堵新中
21/12 槟董联会促许子根果敢行动 以免新中事件日愈恶化
21/12 新中华小逼迁风波案中案 前承包商申请发展商清盘
17/12 新中华小校舍被拆风波:公正党要求许子根道歉,彻查失职官员
16/12 法庭暂缓拆除威北新中华小 下月3日开庭审讯决定命运
15/12 发展商获新庭令 新中华小校舍明早恐被拆除
2/12 阿都拉选区华小面临拆除厄运 居民阻止拆校对峙5句种    


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